Today 11th of august 2021 lecture is very interesting. The topic of the first lecture of the day by Emmanuel Oladapo is titled one health and stem career opportunity. He gave us the definition  of one health which is the collection between animal health, human health and environmental health and he also talk about zoonotic, zoonotic is a diseases that spread between different species and we learn about the step of stem career opportunities include actuaries, which is a person that uses mathematics, statistics and financial theory to access the risk of potential event and others and we learn about how to make a cava which means a design tool and the step to carry out or follow in canva. We also learn about the first woman that develop Google in Nigeria whose name is Elizabeth. We were excited to know about canva and they ask us questions and we were excited to answer the questions and it was very interesting.

 The evening session was also captivating and full of fun, where we were told to make a structure with spaghetti, it was an interesting games. Although we have not done it before, but the cooperation of our team make us to made it and the game is funny .Today activities is very good, interesting, excited, and wonderful, because we were able to solve all the task given to us, due to the fact that we understand what they taught us. We really appreciate the effort of the STEMBelle director, the STEMBelle Coordinator, the facilitators and the STEMBELLE teachers.

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