12th of August 2021, which marks the fourth day at boot camp, the class was very interesting, amazing and also educative. Our first lecture of the day is on personal development, which was delivered by Mr Ishola. Here we learnt that development is a process that create growth, progress and position change. The three law of personal development were also taught in this class which are law of decision, law of foresight, and law of foresight. After the lecture, questions were raised, and we answered the question correctly. It was really an interactive session.

The second lecture was delivered from Canada by Dr Odika Austin. He talks about effective communication and emotional intelligence in the classroom. In this session we learnt that communication is the act of transferring information from a person or group of person to. He also discuss the three component of communication with us, which are the medium( listening, speaking, reading, and writing), writing and reading channel(letter, memorandum, purchased order, invoice, newspaper, magazine, article, blogs, email, and text message). He also talks about context, communication skills, type of quotients, self-regulation and lots more about emotional intelligence.                                                                                         

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