We started the second day activities with the continuation of website design how to insert our image, add featured image, post and publish our post. We then proceed to robotics which is one of the most interesting section of the day. It was directed by Miss. Victoria who is a student of the University of Ibadan.  She asked us questions like advantage and disadvantage of robotics and someone from our group answered the question correctly and some other group as well and she talked about the robot, three laws of robotics and the word robotics is coined in the year 1940 by Isaac Asimob and she also talked about the fundamental block of robot. They  are mechanical power supply; control system; power supply; system and sensors and we were thought a robot is a machine that sense; think; and act the class was and interesting one because most of all the member  participated and were all happy to do that by our self, where we were asked to display hello on our screen.

 Adedayo  Adenrele teach us about sexual   reproductive health for excelling girls in stem she teach us adolescence and what the adolescence means as the development of growing from childhood to adulthood ,the term adolescence is derived from Latin word adolescere meaning to grow and mature also about puberty as the stage of sexual development maturity of adolescent. At this stage adolescent begin to experience physical change in their bodies most changes that occur in puberty; the voice become thinner, development  of breast, the hips become wider, emotional change and mental change. And also take about menstruation that is the monthly shedding of blood through the vagina in  girl that have teaches  puberty and also talks about female reproductive system as fallopian tube which pass egg from ovary.

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